June 13, 2024

SaaS marketing is popularized by content marketing. It has been a success for many companies. HubSpot and Ahrefs are just a few examples. Zapier is another example.

What makes content marketing for SaaS so different from other industries?

Although the principles are generally the same, there are some reasons content marketing can be different for SaaS.

Complexity- Software has more features, which can make it difficult for potential customers and new ones. SaaS content marketing is a way to increase brand awareness and sales and is a valuable education channel.

Retention – SaaS products can be accessed via subscription. Continuous education is necessary to ensure customers get the best out of their product and (hopefully) reduce churn.

More decision-makers SaaS can cost more, which means that there are more people involved in the purchasing process. SaaS content marketing should address these buyers’ concerns.

More uses- More functions mean more applications. Ahrefs can be used not only by SEOs but also by content marketers and affiliate marketers, website owners, as well as other users. All of them can be targeted with content.

Must you do content marketing if you’re a SaaS?

It’s not mandatory, despite its popularity among SaaS companies. It all depends on your industry and the customers you serve.

You must choose the best “hunting strategy” to find the right animal.

Ahrefs’s guide to content marketing in SaaS

Ahrefs uses product-led content marketing to promote its content.

Product-led content refers to creating content that solves the reader’s problems with your product. This is a challenging sell. We are strategically and naturally weaving our product and its use case into the narrative.

Here’s how it works.

Ensure that you know your product well

You must know your product inside and out to create product-led content that is truly amazing.

Although this may seem silly, you’d be surprised how many marketers don’t know the product they sell. Many of these marketers aren’t the target customers of their company. While they may have tried some of the features during onboarding, many have never “eaten their dog food.”

This was also true for me. (Not at Ahrefs, though.

Every feature and every use case should be known. Keep up-to-date with all new features in SaaS. Research new uses for both existing and newly released features.

It is essential to be familiar with your product.

Ahrefs is fortunate to have our ideal customers. We don’t take this for granted. Each new hire in marketing works for three months in customer support before being officially hired. They are also expected to take all courses in the academy.

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