June 13, 2024

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… These are all channels that offer an abundance of opportunities with huge potential to boost exposure and recognition for your company.

Of all the various social networks, Twitter marketing may be highly complex due to its limited lifespan and thorny character limit.

To understand the best way to improve the effectiveness of your Twitter approach, you will have to know the most vital Twitter data that will help you answer questions like:

This article will show 10 Twitter facts to think about for your e-commerce company’s social marketing strategy.

Number of Twitter Users

One of the first thoughts that pops up when thinking about using Twitter to help businesses succeed is how many users use Twitter.

According to recent experts’ estimates, there will be 353.9 million active monthly Twitter users Twitter by 2023 (eMarketer, 2022). This represents a 3.9 percent decrease from the previous year and 9.4 percent from the overall number of social media users worldwide.

If we break it down even further and look at the numbers, we find that it is the lowest number for three years and the first time that the number of Twitter users has dipped for at least four years. The decrease in Twitter’s users will persist into 2024, with users falling by 5.1 percent, up to 335.7 million.

Despite the drop in user numbers, Twitter’s users remain at the million mark, and with these numbers being so high, it is not a surprise that Twitter is among the users’ favorite social media platforms around the globe. Although it could be a distant second to Facebook’s 3.0 billion daily active users, it is clear that the potential of Twitter for marketing campaigns is still huge.

Twitter Demographics: Age

Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat could have taken over the young crowd; however, Twitter also has its distinctive group of users to draw.

Six of every 10 (59.2 percent) Twitter users worldwide are 25-49 years old (Statista, 2021). This paints a transparent picture of Twitter’s appeal to a population more aging than Snapchat and Instagram.

Although Twitter is more prevalent among older people, that is not to say it is not a hit with younger users. 17.1% of Twitter’s users (approximately one-in-six users) are between 18 and 24. There are even a few teenagers who are using the site. About 6.6 percent of Twitter’s total base is between 13-17 years old. The remaining 17 percent or so of users are 50 or older.

Twitter Demographics: GenderFor global gender-based demographics, Twitter is much more popular with men than women. 71.2 percent of Twitter users are male, while only 28.8 percent of female users (DataReportal 2022), which places the ratio of males and females at 2.5 to 1.

It also mirrors the gender composition among Twitter customers in the US and Canada, however, with a less significant margin. Twitter’s demographics for the US reveal that 61.6 percent of users are males and 38.4 percent are females.

A second exciting statistic to think about when creating Twitter campaigns: research has found that women interact more with businesses via social media than males. In particular, women who use social media tend to be more connected with others via social media channels, while men tend to take the passive side.

Average Time Spent on Twitter

The daily average of time spent using Twitter for US users will be estimated to be 34.1 minutes per day by 2023 (eMarketer 2023). This is higher than the competitors Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, with which the average social media user is just a little over an hour a day.

It’s still less than the time consumers spend using TikTok and YouTube, with 55.8 minutes or 47.5 minutes, respectively.

One of Twitter’s most well-known uses is to share breaking news. Journalists represent a large percentage of authentic accounts that are on Twitter. The small-sized information that comes from tweets allows for easy and fast consumption.

Regarding time spent on Twitter, It is also helpful to determine the ideal time and date to post on Twitter. Recent research has shown that this happens early in the morning on Wednesdays and Tuesdays.

Twitter App Store Downloads

It was reported that there were 11.7 million App Store downloads of the Twitter app during the beginning of January 2019, growing by 3.6 percent (Sensor Tower, 2019).

It was also the most significant amount of downloads from the app store in a quarter on Twitter since 2015.

Yet, despite the rise in popularity, Twitter’s Twitter application isn’t in the top ten list of the most downloaded iOS applications. It is ranked 16th on the list, quite a bit ahead of its main rivals, which include Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Also, check here for the best way to increase the number of likes on your profile with this list of the top Instagram’s most popular hashtags.

The app isn’t doing very well in Google Play. Google Play store, even not making the top 20.

Twitter’s Popularity Among B2B Marketers

If you’re looking for more Twitter data to prove Twitter’s potential, This is another.

60% of B2B companies use Twitter as an effective online advertising tool (Statista 2018, 2018). Given the sheer number of active users on Twitter, the figure shouldn’t be a surprise.

Social media has led to opportunities for connecting personally with customers. This relationship between the brand and its customer has evolved from unidirectional to bi- or even multi-directional.

In other words, branding messaging is no longer a one-way conversation in which consumers listen. They’re now equipped to respond, react and engage not just about the brands they are engaging with and message as well as other users who are also involved.

In the meantime, it’s increasingly crucial for companies to not just be on Twitter but also to be interactive and engaging.

In reality, 77% of Twitter users get a better impression of a brand when they reply to a Tweet. And six out of 10 customers expect brands to respond to all customer inquiries within an hour.

Learn how how to utilize Twitter analytics to boost your engagement.

Tweets Statistics

The marketing on Twitter isn’t going to be a stroll in the park, especially given the fierce competition. But that doesn’t mean it’s not doable.

When launching your social media-based marketing strategy, Keep in mind these Twitter data. Particularly, think about the most appropriate times to tweet to be able to reach your primary market(s).

Try experimenting with your schedule for tweets and look at your tweets’ stats to figure out the optimal time to release your tweet.

Tools for social media, such as Buffer and Hootsuite, could assist in scheduling and analyzing your tweets to help you determine the most effective times to reach your intended public.

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