June 13, 2024

Are you looking to get a piece of the digital marketing pie? This guide will help you.

I do not have a marketing degree, but only one in psychology. I have been in digital marketing for five years.

This is the beauty of the digital marketing industry. To work as a digital marketing professional, you can be certified. There are no gatekeepers.

However, you will need to have both marketing skills as well as practical experience.

This guide is your solution. This guide will help you to increase your knowledge and walk you through each stage of your journey to becoming a professional digital marketer.

Make your website

Although you don’t need any certifications to work in digital marketing, you will be hired by companies after some time.

First, you’ll need to:

Build your skills in digital marketing;

Demonstrate these skills.

This is best done by creating your website.

You’re building your website to test different marketing strategies. You don’t have to worry about damaging another site.

You can also demonstrate your skills by creating something new.

When I started in digital marketing, I was with my friends, who created a website about breakdancing.

The website was terrible, I will admit. It allowed me to practice content marketing, outreach, and other things. Despite being unsuccessful, the site gave me tons of practical experience.

This is not something you should overthink. The key is just to get started and practice. Create a WordPress site in a niche that interests you. Stay calm about logos and monetization strategies.

Do a quick Google search to learn how to set up WordPress websites. There are tons of tutorials.

  1. Select one digital marketing channel that you want to concentrate on

There are many digital marketing channels. The Traction book lists 19 of them.

Search engine optimization (SEO).

Content marketing

Email marketing

Display and social ads

Because you are the sole owner of your website, it is only possible to implement some marketing channels. Instead, we recommend that you focus on one area of digital marketing.

Which channel should you choose, though? Let’s look at the three tracks’ pros and cons.

Online advertising

You buy ads on platforms such as Google, Facebook, or Instagram. This strategy can be used to drive traffic to your website quickly.

This channel can be risky if you are a total beginner. It’s more complicated than turning on an online ad and watching the traffic flow. You will still need some knowledge and experience to avoid losing your entire investment.

If you have the budget, learning and testing this channel is a good idea. It might not be suitable for you.

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