June 13, 2024

In 2015, we jumped on the video bandwagon and had never looked back.

We have over 300,000 subscribers today and more than 14 million views. This has resulted in thousands of new customers.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing refers to using videos to educate and promote your target audience. You can also use it to increase brand awareness and engage with social media, allowing you to reach larger audiences.

Video marketing is so powerful

Also, video marketing is effective because it’s easy to do. Video marketing is a great idea. Here are some reasons to do video marketing:

Video is available

It is something you watch. It’s what I do. We all do. Videos are everywhere. Video is everywhere in major cities like New York and London.

You can view them today on any device, including your smartphone, tablet PC, TV, and so on.

According to a 2018 study, 85% of U.S. internet users used online video content each month. This is not the highest video content penetration.

Video allows you to demonstrate concepts quicker and more clearly

A video can be interactive. Both your hearing and visual senses are engaged. Viewers can see a product in action or a concept in action.

This is a stark contrast to text-based content. You can’t see what is in your eyes and how it looks. It’s necessary to visualize it.

Breakdancing is one of my hobbies. I wanted to learn how to windmills.

Within seconds of starting, I would have given up my dream of becoming a Red Bull BC One champion. This video will make everything more straightforward.

Video can help you establish a personal connection with your viewers

Interactive elements make it easy to show concepts and also allow you to make a personal connection with your viewers.

It can feel like conversing with the speaker when you watch a video, especially a talking head video.

Sam Oh is a beloved YouTuber. Many of our subscribers consider him a mentor because he often appears on the screen.

This effect can be achieved through text, but it isn’t easy. The Ahrefs blog team has written hundreds of articles. We have never been called “mentors” by anyone.

Sometimes, people even get our need for clarification. Others need clarification and may mistakenly believe that an article written by Michal Pecanek was written by them. Video could be a better example of this, as it is difficult to confuse Sam with our head content officer Joshua Hardwick.

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