June 13, 2024

Everyone wants the option of choosing, but paradoxically no one wants the chance to be the “one” out of 100. We’ve allowed you to be that digital marketer who stands apart. We are in the new year of human-to-human (H2H) marketing and should focus on building meaningful relationships with audiences. After extensive research, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective digital marketing techniques and tactics supported by great case studies.

The top positions on Google, Bing, and other search engines are today’s pinnacle of online success. After much research and experiments, we found that content performance and ranking strongly correlate. We decided a few years ago to evaluate and optimize our content.

We then analyzed each article’s positions and engagement to determine which content needed updating and re-optimizing. The keyword research was done using the Tool and the Content Optimizer.

Use this tool to boost your website.

CognitiveSEO is all you need, whether you are an SEO Professional, Digital Marketing Agency, or SMB.

Google Ranking Factors: On-Page and Off-Page Factors.

Research keywords and rank tracking.

In-depth Analysis of Backlinks.

There are many more!

First, research keywords: We looked at keyword suggestions, volume, query type, and other relevant keywords for double optimization of the same piece.

Second, we added keywords to Ranking Tracking before re-optimizing for us to have a clear view of the starting point and the improvement after optimization.

We then added the content to the Content Optimizer to get the performance score and determine the amount we would have to optimize. The keyword recommendations were added, and you can check the score by clicking Check Score.

The fourth step was to check the page’s indexing in Google Search Console. A live test was also performed to ensure that everything was in order.

We saw an overall increase in our website traffic after the keyword optimization. Our traffic increased by almost 70%, and our rankings improved. You can view a screenshot of our Google search visibility from Site Explorer below:

Increase traffic by 300% with Editorial Calendars

New content appears daily. Every time you must have something unique to offer. You’re constantly thinking about social media, the sales funnel, conversion rates optimization, customer relations, marketing budgets, and web analytics. Which are the most efficient tactics?

It is essential to schedule your blog posts, mainly if multiple copywriters exist. Your marketing plan should include an editorial calendar to improve your results. It’s easier to create an editorial calendar. You can find many apps to help you. Meistertask is a task-management app that you can use to create an editorial schedule and drag and drop tasks from each participant. You can view a screenshot of an editorial calendar that was created using Meistertask below:

They used a procedure that helped them increase traffic by 29.9%. To achieve similar results, follow the steps below:

Have a big goal in mind when you plan your calendar.

Set metrics to measure your goals;

Find your baseline performance for a typical month;

Set smart goals for each blog entry in your calendar.

Find out how many blog entries you will need to reach your goal.

Use Content Syndication to Get Constant Traffic of 250.000 Unique Visitors

Publishing your content to third-party sites is called content syndication. Find authoritative publications. This is done to increase engagement with your content. Outbrain, Taboola, and other marketing channels will power your content. You can reach a larger audience by republishing your article on these two significant sites.

James Clear has used this digital marketing technique to build an email list with over 100,000 and a steady traffic of 250,000 visitors each month. As you can see from the photo below, he republished a Lifehacker blog post and received almost 99k views. If you already have a Google Analytics account, you can track your performance easily and see the number of unique visitors.

SlideShare can help you drive 20% more organic traffic to your business

Slideshare is a platform that allows you to share presentations with your audience. It’s ideal for B2B businesses. Didit Marketing from New York conducted a study that showed SlideShare receives 500% higher traffic than Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.

SlideShare is a platform that receives billions of views every month. It’s an excellent way to find information and connect with experts in a fun format.

Ana Hoffman is a blogger for Traffic Generation Cafe. She conducted a Study to show how she went from 0 views on Slideshare to 243,000 in 30 days. You don’t have to create new content for a presentation. Instead, you can use your existing content and display it in a way that is easy to understand.

Google is responsible for 20% of SlideShare’s visitors. SlideShare and social media are the rest of the sources. Keep an eye on Google Analytics metrics to know how you perform regarding organic traffic, paid visitors, etc.

Increase your sales by 185% with the help of high-quality case studies

Digital tactics that are smart and effective can be a goldmine—also, case studies. You can also get better conversion rates with case studies. If you can show that your product is valuable and provide quality results, case studies are a great way to increase traffic, sales, and revenue. According to a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 63% of UK marketers consider case studies an effective digital tactic. The Content Marketing Institute conducted research where they found that 63% of UK marketers believe case studies to be an effective digital marketing tactic.

Neil Patel researched to determine the impact of using case studies on his website. He saw a 185% increase in revenue.

Create a network of partner websites to gain influence on SERPs and jump up to 30+ positions

Brand mentions in well-known publications can take a lot of work to obtain. You could get a higher ranking in the search engines if you use the right keywords and phrases. They can also improve your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Startups often work with content marketers or firms; some need more budget to hire a full-time employee. A short-term network of partner sites is an effective way to increase traffic and awareness to your website. The website profile could include publications, edu websites, blogs, forums, web directories, ecommerce, etc.

OutreachMama conducted a study to determine the results of their partnership with publishers such as Forbes and Huffington Post. In just two months, they received 35 backlinks from over 100 domains. They also saw an increase in the number of backlinks.

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