July 20, 2024

The desire to share their passion drives bloggers to share their personal experiences, expertise, and details about a particular topic. However, love alone will not make a difference. To earn money from blogging, you have to link all your blog posts to a source of income.

There are many ways to make money off your blog, but they all require time and effort. The stories of bloggers making money overnight? They’re not real. You’ll have to create your blog, find an audience, and increase traffic frequently before you can begin writing for money. The positive side is that you’ll reap the rewards if you’re willing to try and work hard.

But how can you earn money blogging after getting visitors to your website? In this article, we’ll explain the best ways to make money from blogging, whether you’re just starting or an experienced blogger trying for a new source of income.

How do Bloggers Make Money?

The majority of bloggers begin earning money through the provision of services on their blogs. After their traffic numbers rise, they begin to employ methods such as ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing to boost the income of their blogs. The most prosperous bloggers use a multi-faceted approach to making money from their blogs.

How to Make Money Blogging: 10 Ways

If you’re learning about this blogging for the money thing, you’re probably wondering where to start. Below are 10 top ways to earn money from blogging.

Sponsored PostsSponsored blog posts are those that people or brands pay to write. They’re essentially an advertorial since they’re paid ads written in an editorial format. Companies can contact you to publish sponsored content on your blog if you’re writing about the latest items for mothers-to-be and personal financial matters.

You can market your sponsored posts by making the pricing information accessible via your contact form. At first, you may want to contact local companies (and brands that bloggers from your field have collaborated with) and ask them to consider posting a sponsored article for your site. Be sure to tell them the amount of traffic your blog receives and how many readers you’ve got.

On the Brunette Salad’s blog, Vanessa Cesario shares collaborations with brands. Check out this post sponsored by Diesel. The photo blog has photos of Cesario wearing Diesel clothes in Italy and includes hyperlinks for the denim.


If you’re hoping to earn money by selling products on your blog, incorporating an online store on your site could be life-changing. You can offer items that fit the niche of your blog. Additionally, you can make use of drop shipping to begin selling products all over the world without having to store them.

If you’re a fashion blog, You can browse the latest women’s and men’s clothes on Oberlo. If you’re a blogger for beauty and the home or maternity, children’s, photography, DIY, or any other field you are in, you’ll be able to discover products you can sell at Oberlo.

The power of dropshipping is in the ability to sell items without the need to purchase large stocks – meaning you only buy products already on sale. If your website is already up and running, it is possible to add various products (for no cost).

Create Vancouver is a web-based store with a blog. They offer a variety of dropshipping as well as print-on-demand. Their blog features gift guides, product reviews, and other product-related posts to help promote items they have in their store.

Create a T-Shirt Business

The best option. If you’re looking to develop your product rather than selling other people’s products T-shirt business model is a well-known method to allow you to earn money from blogging.

While it’s true that it’s only limited to T-shirts, a majority of manufacturers are now expanding their product ranges to let you create prints on demand clothing, leggings and bodysuits, hats, phones, backpacks, pillows, canvases, and this list could extend more.

When you search for companies that print on demand, many vendors permit you to add your designs and text to the products. Similar to dropshipping, it is only possible to pay for items that your customers purchase. So, once the procedure is finished, you can begin making your very own T-shirt within the next day.

The Think Pup’s blog may be the best dog-related blog on the internet. It features articles that dog owners will enjoy, provide lists of products for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and funny videos. However, this blog is commercialized through a print-on-demand business for t-shirts. The store they run offers t-shirts with graphics that focus on specific dog breeds and dogs generally.

Affiliate Marketing

A frequent way bloggers earn money is through Affiliate marketing. After being accepted as an affiliate in a program, you will earn commissions every time a customer purchases something through an affiliate hyperlink.

Some bloggers opt to create lists with affiliate links in them. For instance, “10 Best Amazon Products for Your Wedding” with Amazon affiliate links incorporated throughout. Some choose to write articles using multiple affiliate programs like “10 Best Ecommerce Platforms,” including links to various competing programs to make customers feel they have more choices.

The only drawback to making money through affiliate marketing is that it pays commissions, and prices aren’t yours. It’s not as lucrative as a blogger with an online store that can set prices.

Abby is a well-known blogger who earns a living blogging through affiliate marketing. In a piece she wrote in 2012, Abby shared her list of the top 20 books for mothers to read by 2021. The books she recommends link via Amazon, where she receives commissions on the purchases made by someone who clicks on one of the links within the article. She informs readers that the report includes affiliate links to be open to her readers.

Freelance Writing

For many bloggers, blogging isn’t the best way to earn money passively, so they focus on making a living. Bloggers trade their time to earn money by writing articles for other companies or entrepreneurs.

Bloggers can use their or her blog to serve as an opportunity to showcase their work to potential customers. In this instance, your blog’s content may be based on your field of specialization. Having a portfolio on your navigation is also possible, showcasing every blog post you’ve written for customers.

Sharon Hurley Hall has a blog and a freelance writing business. One of her most recent blog posts highlights her most recent freelance writing assignments. The list includes clients and the articles she wrote for them. This enables her to get more opportunities since it allows users to search for her work portfolio easily. The navigation on her website also has an area of rates and services, so prospective customers can determine if they can afford to hire her to write.

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