July 20, 2024

Product marketing is closely linked to other marketing roles, so it is difficult to understand what product marketing is about. Launching a product is easy if you know what product marketers do.

What is product marketing?

Product marketing refers to bringing a product onto the market and communicating its benefits to the company’s employees.

This covers everything from market research and product positioning to creating effective marketing initiatives that increase product adoption in the market.

Why is product marketing so important?

It’s simple. You can only launch and create a successful product by marketing it. Knowing how to deal with and what to build is necessary to do this.

You must also know how to effectively position your product and communicate its value to your target audience to ensure your market success.

What is a product marketer?

Some items on this list are familiar to product marketers in our marketing department. We are all involved in the creation of product-led content, for example. A specific mix of these duties makes it an ideal fit for a product marketing specialist.


This stage can be summarized with one concept: go-to-market strategy (GTM Strategy). GTM strategies are the company’s plan to introduce a new product. Product marketers typically own these strategies.

Identify your market and competitors. This is your product’s “environment for growth.” What are the opportunities? What are the chances?

Identify your customer — Who are you trying to sell to? What will people do if they have your product?

How should your product be perceived? Is your product offering more benefits at a lower price or more benefits at a higher price?

Define your product messaging and core marketing strategies. What can you tell potential customers to help them sell their product? Which marketing channels are you able to use to reach them

Ahrefs has seven examples of product marketing.

It’s something we have repeatedly said, and it’s still true: Investment in your product is the best marketing advice.

Your product should be so great that people will recommend it to others. You must ensure product-market fit. Continually improve product satisfaction. This will make your job easier as a marketer. If you do, it will be surprising that your marketing efforts fail.

Ahrefs has lived up to its promises, and the examples of product marketing strategies listed below have worked well for us.

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