June 13, 2024

Ahrefs has had its social media accounts managed for nine months. It’s been an exciting journey, from trying different content formats to finding what resonates with people.

To keep it short, I will focus on Twitter, our leading social media platform.

Since many people are interested in learning more about our growth strategy and how we measure engagement, I’ll clarify that I won’t cover my content creation process too in depth.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is a great way to make friends, start conversations, get instant feedback, and respond quickly to news related to your topic. Mind-blowing, right?

Let’s now get to the reason Ahrefs is so focused on social media platforms:

This is the place to be for marketers

You’ll be familiar with the many influential marketers and influencers who spend time on this platform if you’ve been around the SEO industry for a while. These include Lily Ray and Rand Fishkin. Amanda Natividad scores more.

It “humanizes” us

Our followers get to interact more closely with us and in a casual way. This shows that we listen to what they say and actively engage in the SEO world.


47% of people who visit a Twitter account also visit the website associated with that profile. We get, on average, 113 link clicks daily across our tweets.

For the sake of versatility

Many content options and resources are available: videos on Ahrefs TV and Ahrefs Academy courses, product updates and blog posts, and Ahrefs Websitemaster Tools.

Twitter makes it possible to amplify all of them in new formats and cover them in depth and breadth. These are also easy to share (e.g., via RTs or quote tweets).

We sometimes make threads from other content because we can’t cover all the topics. I’ll get to that later.

How to crack the Twitter algorithm

It is well-known that social media platforms are subject to their algorithm as long as they are used. How can you crack it? Is there a way to win?

If you don’t go the Google Sheets Hacks route, the answer is… no. (Are you shocked?)

Twitter’s algorithm is constantly changing, just like our social media strategy. Experimentation and getting feedback from your followers are your best tools.

To reduce content fatigue, I publish every blog post on Twitter in at least two formats.

These examples are based on a blog post Promoting your website for free.

You can see that numbered lists are a format that gets a lot of likes and RTs. This is one measure of our success.

The secret to success is not to use the same formula every time. It’s important to continue finding new recipes. This is because repeating the same format can make you tiresome and uninventive to your followers. (Fight me!)

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