June 13, 2024

There are many Facebook marketing tips, ideas, techniques, tricks, and secrets to master. This is especially true when it involves Facebook advertisements for those new to the platform. There are other tips for using social media generally. What I’ve observed was that effective campaigns require time and effort. It takes a lot of effort for campaigns to be successful.

In this piece, I’ve decided to follow an entirely different path. I will discuss three various yet very profitable campaigns packed with Facebook marketing concepts. Examine the lessons learned from each campaign carefully to determine how they can improve your product or service and increase your customers. While I review the different movements, I’ll ask questions that will assist you in thinking through your campaign ideas. Let’s begin with Oreos.

The Oreo’s 100 blog posts over a year

In 2012, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company, Oreo marketing got super innovative. They created 100 posts in 100 Days, creating Oreo artwork for each day. The lesson learned from this campaign is simple The key is to be creative and clever. The images were innovative, simple, and fascinating. They mostly used one Oreo that was remade to make them relevant to everyday events, like, for example, the Fourth of July, Gay Pride Day, as well as The Birth of Rock and Roll, along with Talk Like a Pirate Day.

It was a brilliant strategy to boost engagement. Facebook shares rose by 280% during the campaign, with the average being 14.722 shares per post. This campaign demonstrates the impact of providing high-quality and relevant content to your target audience. It has helped to improve the image of your business as well.

The results of the campaign were intriguing. It’s true; the most popular of the photos was the panda photo. It was designed to commemorate the birthday of Shin’s baby. It was a huge success, with a total engagement of 4,409,344. The second most popular post was it was the Gay Pride post.

What kind of campaign could you run?

Though 100 unique blog posts take a long, the process is similar to any other project worth doing. If you’re a creative person with the means, consider the same approach to an idea you’ve developed for your product. It’s easy to scale it down to something more manageable, like a regular post. Perhaps, every Tuesday morning, you could offer a unique and exciting approach to the date in your product.

Travel Tip Tuesday

eBags came up with a hashtag for their customers. Today the use of hashtags is essential for any campaign. Since the hashtag is linked to a specific day (Tuesday), It’s fast becoming a “thing” among travelers. Although it’s not as well-known as #tbt on Instagram, it’s similar to the concept. It’s a simple concept, which could be among the primary reasons for its success. Anyone can offer tips for traveling on Tuesdays, which further spreads the hashtag. It’s great since their followers create the content. This helps to keep the engagement high and helps keep the content fresh each week.

One final reason this works is that it targets eBag’s customer base. The company makes and sells bags, backpacks, and luggage. A significant portion of their customer base is who regularly travel. It makes sense for them to feed their community and audience by providing travel tips. It might seem simple, but you’ll be shocked by how many campaigns fail because they are trying to go outside the boundaries of their relevance. So long as eBags, and its users continue to share helpful tips on #TravelTipTuesday, this hashtag will continue to grow its reputation.

What kind of campaign could you create?

Whatever your audience’s size or size, make sure you have a hashtag! It can help you to get your audience to discuss themselves. Be sure to make it a topic where people can contribute useful content. Consider your hashtag as a way to create something valuable for your users. If you can create a recurring hashtag and recurrent, that’s even more effective. #tbt occurs on Thursdays, while #TravelTipTuesday is on Tuesday. What date of the week will be suitable for your hashtag? Your followers can expect to see regularly updated content.

CIL Names of paint chips for males

CIL is a Canadian paint company in Canada. It observed that men aren’t particularly interested in decorating their homes. The company also observed that most paint chip names tend to be feminine. To get more participation from men, the company developed a Facebook application that allows users to submit names for new paint chips. The participants presented their ideas that could then be voted up. The campaign was highly successful.

During 45 days, CIL noticed a 10 percent increase in sales. Over 20,00 people created more than 15,000 names. On average, users spend 10 minutes on CIL’s Facebook application. This is a huge achievement! I’m a woman, and terms such as “Ballerina Slipper” and “Cuddle” are even absurd. A few of the words coming from this campaign are “Bacon,” “Hockey Puck,” and “Dark Beer.”

The campaign CIL ran is all about entertainment. CIL devised a strategy to turn something that isn’t very interesting, like paint, into something fun and humorous. Although it wasn’t a competition or contest, it was a feeling of one due to the use of up-voting. The campaign enticed people to participate. It inspired people to take action, and that’s all because CIL just asked for feedback. The campaign also targeted males who were not involved, which also helped in the effort. Mainly, feminine paint chip names such as “Romance” or “Lilac Splendor” were selected to be changed. This sparked a laugh and made the campaign much more fun for the participants.

What campaign are you able to create?

CIL’s campaign revealed an interesting pattern among their client base. Are you part of an under-represented section of your audience? What could you do to offer them a voice or some voice? You’ll have to consider ways you can get your audience involved. Request their feedback on your product.


If you can devote time and funds, You’re more than welcome to create these campaigns for your target audience and products. Because we do not have the luxury of unlimited budgets, we’ll need to work with less-than-ideal drives. These campaigns can be effective when you find a unique and efficient method to get your audience involved. I hope these three excellent campaigns gave you plenty to consider.

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