June 13, 2024

Twitch was initially famous for streaming live video games. But that is changing. There has been a significant increase in streamers who need to be gaming. The Twitch ads offer brands a new way to reach their target audience.

Music streaming was, by example, one of the most viewed streams on Twitch, with more than 270,000,000 hours worth of streamed content. Other creators are also catching up, whether big brands or DIY entrepreneurs.

This platform is a new avenue for brands to advertise their products and services. Twitch ads are still relatively new and unexplored territory.

What are Twitch ads, and how do they work?

Twitch, a live-streaming platform, has millions of users worldwide. You can stream live on any device and search for keywords that match your interests to browse channels. Twitch promotes brand collaborations through community-first strategies, even in ad campaigns.

Twitch advertisements are paid advertisements that appear either before or during live streams. Advertisements that appear before live streams are known as “pre-roll ads,” while advertisements that appear during streams can be called “mid-roll advertising.” Twitch’s pre-roll and mid-roll ads can last anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes.

The platform supports seven Twitch advertising formats: Homepage Headliner and Homepage Carousel. Medium Rectangle, Stream Ad, Streamable, and Super Leaderboard are all supported.

Twitch streamers can partner with brands to run manual ads.

Twitch is a great place to advertise.

Here are five reasons Twitch advertising should be part of your marketing strategy

Reach a diverse audience

Twitch has expanded beyond being a streaming game platform to include other content. Twitch has a vast 31,000,000 user base. Marketers have a new and diverse audience to target.

Twitch viewers increase by the minute.

Twitch’s user base has grown exponentially year after year. Twitch’s user base has increased from 1.26M in 2019 to 2.63M in 2022, and it continues to grow. The Digital 2022 report revealed that 30% of internet users use video live streaming every week. Twitch will become even more critical for creators and advertisers if this trend continues.

Support your favorite creators with love

Most active users are regular viewers of their favorite Twitch streamers. Although these loyal users love to support their favorite channels and creators, they are not always willing or able to pay for a subscription.

Twitch viewers can watch ads on the channel of their favorite creators and get paid.

It is truly a community platform.

Twitch streaming is all real-time conversations. Streamers and creators often communicate and make personal connections. For example, a live stream of a football sporting event attracts like-minded sports fans. This allows viewers to share their personal views and build trust through the platform.

This results in a higher engagement rate for ads placed natively during a stream’s ongoing.

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