June 13, 2024

You can utilize these tools to enhance your business while on the move. You can connect, share with, optimize, and secure your customers while in line, waiting for your cup of coffee.

This article will help you learn about 40 fantastic marketing tools that can assist you in tapping and swiping on your path to success.


Buffer is a tool for social media that lets you create posts directly sent on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

It is possible to use this marketing tool to add any content that you discover online on your Facebook and Twitter calendar through the Buffer extensions for browsers.

Buffer’s free service allows users to manage up to three social media accounts and set up as many as ten posts simultaneously. Payment plans start at $15 monthly to manage additional social funds and plan other posts.


Hootsuite is an application for managing social media that allows you to create posts and keep track of and manage all your accounts on social networks. Additionally, this app for marketing is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts.

Hootsuite’s free plans allow users to manage three social media accounts and set up as many as 30 daily posts.

Payment plans start at $25 per month. They allow the team to be added, schedule additional posts, and manage accounts for other users.


Planoly is an image-based planner for Instagram.

It’s an Instagram marketing application that lets you see how your posts appear within your Instagram account before publishing them. It also gives you data and engagement numbers for each post.

Ultimately, it will help you build a more cohesive Instagram feed and a distinct visual identity for your business.

The free Planoly plan lets you connect an Instagram account and post up to thirty monthly posts. However, this plan’s free version is limited to images only.

For further posts, video posts, or additional accounts, the payment plans start at $7 per month.

Repost for Instagram

Reposting for Instagram allows you to repost content on Instagram using other social media accounts quickly. In addition, you can use this application to post posts to your feed and Instagram Stories.

The free version has the watermark of a tiny pixel on each of your blogs. However, you can remove it at an all-in-one cost of $4.99.

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard can be described as having an editor of professional quality within your pockets. It will help you avoid embarrassing errors on social media posts and emails.

The application lets you use a specific keyboard that scans your text for misspellings and grammar errors.

Furthermore, this marketing application is free and can be used in any app you have installed for your phone.


IFTTT is a set consisting of “applets.” Now, what exactly is an applet?

Applets are tiny applications or utility programs that accomplish one or two simple tasks.

The applets can help your devices and apps collaborate in innovative ways. There are countless ways to boost the effectiveness of your advertising strategy by using EFT.

For instance, several advertisements on Instagram use Applets for IFTTT. One allows users to post Instagram images to Twitter through ideas rather than as hyperlinks. Another option lets users connect Instagram content to Pinterest or albums on Facebook pages.

Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite is an indispensable marketing tool when you have a company page on Facebook to advertise your business.

It is much simpler to manage and update your Facebook page than the standard Facebook application or mobile browser.

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is an app that YouTube Studio app allows marketers to manage their brand accounts wherever they go.

You can also reply to comments, track the status of your Youtube analytics, update the video’s information, manage playlists, and much more.

Meta Ads Manager

Meta Ads Manager is an essential marketing tool for conducting Facebook and Instagram ads.

Be on top of your campaigns by managing your advertisements and evaluating your results while you are on the move.

Google Analytics

This Google Analytics app lets you remain on top of your data using your mobile.

This marketing application provides your statistics in simple graphs that make it easy to check into your marketing efforts and web traffic.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to create, view and modify PDF documents via your smartphone or tablet.

This app is a great tool that lets you open files using any app that allows access to the public, Print documents on your smartphone, and export documents into Word and Excel.

Shopify app

The Shopify mobile application lets you manage your e-commerce firm wherever you go.

This app for marketing lets you take orders, create and update inventory, list your products, and connect with customers.

It also incorporates advanced tools, such as software for managing customer relationships, allowing you to transfer necessary information and tailor marketing campaigns from one spot.


If the blog you are running is by WordPress, it is essential to download the mobile application. It lets you control your blog’s content even without an internet connection.

You can make, edit, publish articles, moderate comments, look at analytics, and more.


Dropbox lets users of mobile apps save and manage all of their files on the cloud. It enables you to connect your folders to several devices and lets many users access the duplicate files and folders.

Google Drive

Google Drive lets you store all your files on the cloud and integrates effortlessly into Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms.

Additionally, you can also transfer files and folders to multiple users. The mobile application lets you access and modify your files even if you’re not online.


Evernote is the best note-taking tool. It is excellent to record general notes, storing sources, notate documents or images, and manage more significant projects.

Additionally, This mobile application lets you take photos to include in your documents. Evernote can also read words in the images to make images searchable!

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