June 13, 2024

You’ve probably heard of entrepreneurs who have succeeded with Instagram ads.

You may be inspired to integrate ads into your Instagram Marketing strategy.

How much does Instagram advertising cost? And how do you set up an Instagram marketing campaign? Here are some important questions I hope to answer.

This guide will walk you through all you need to learn about Instagram ads. It’ll also show you how to create your first campaign.

What are Instagram ads?

Instagram ads are the posts that appear on an Instagram user’s feed.

A business or individual advertising pays for the display of content on Instagram. This is usually accompanied by a “Sponsored Label.”

Post ads are usually in the form of a slideshow, carousel, or still image.

You can also include a button that says “Shop Now” and “Learn More.” It depends on what the goal of the campaign is. You can choose to increase traffic or convert visitors.

Stories Ads

Instagram Stories ads appear in full-screen between stories.

The Call-to-Action in Stories Ads encourages users to “swipe upward” from the bottom to learn more or shop.

The ads also allow you to use all the features of Instagram Stories, such as adding video effects, filters, and stickers, to attract your audience.

Explore Ads

Instagram’s “Explore section” allows users to find content relevant to their interests.

Instagram Explore ads do not appear in this section. They only appear after the user has opened an image or video in Explore.

You can also run Explore ads alongside your post ads if you choose to Explore as a different ad location (I will discuss ad locations later in this article).

Collection Ads

Instagram collection ads allow your audience to see and buy your products.

Instant Experience is an ecommerce storefront that Instagram offers when users click on a particular item in a collection.

These Instagram ads are usually a collection of product images or videos.

Shopping Ads

Instagram allows you to promote your shoppable posts by using ads.

These ads redirect users to the product description pages within Instagram. The featured item can be purchased from your mobile store.

You can create these ads instantly if you have an Instagram shop for your business. To set up one, please see our article The Ultimate Guide to Setting up an Instagram Shop.

Instagram Ads: Benefits

Instagram ads are a great way to promote your product to an enormous audience.

Over 500 million people access Instagram daily, so there is a huge market to target.

Instagram’s engagement rate is also on the rise. This means you will get a higher response rate than social media platforms. Instagram allows businesses to generate four times more interaction than Facebook.

Eighty percent of Instagrammers say they purchased based on what they found while using the application.

Instagram ads can help you drive sales by spotlighting your business.

Not only that but there’s more.

You can set up Instagram advertising through Facebook’s Ads Manager. You can easily create Instagram ads if you already run Facebook Ads. Facebook’s advanced targeting and budgeting features are also available.

What are the costs of Instagram ads?

There’s no answer to how much Instagram advertisements cost. From my experience, the cost of Instagram ads varies depending on factors such as target locations, days and weeks, demographics selected, ad placements, and more.

It costs more for Instagram ads delivered to 25-34-year-olds than for adults. This is because this audience group is the most sought-after on social networks.

Instagram ads are more expensive on the weekdays, as there is a higher level of engagement.

Instagram ads cost more than any other option when it comes to advertising. AdEspresso has reported the average CPC of more ad positions is $1.20.

How much money should you budget for Instagram advertising, then? Spend $20 to $50 at first. Test everything, and then double down on the campaigns which work best. Instagram Insights can help you measure your performance. Spend some extra money on ads that will boost your engagement and revenue.

How to run Instagram advertisements within the app

You can start by promoting a post you have already made.

Tap “promote” on the lower-right corner of the screen to make it an ad.

You must create an Instagram business account before seeing the Promote option. Here’s how you can convert your profile into a business one.

Instagram used to require that you also connect your Facebook Business Page with your Instagram account.

But announced a few months ago it would let new advertisers in certain countries create ads without linking to a Facebook page.

If you promote your first Instagram post, you can track and manage campaigns directly within Instagram.

Create Instagram Ads using Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager can be used to create Instagram ads since Instagram and Facebook are closely integrated.

For those unfamiliar, Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to customize and pinpoint your audiences. You can also track your ads’ performance and define a campaign goal.

You’ll need a Facebook account with access to a Facebook business page to access Facebook Ads Manager.

You must also connect your Instagram account with your Facebook Business Page. Follow these steps:

Facebook Ads Manager will allow you to create and run Instagram Ads once the process is complete.

Here are the steps you can take to create your very first Instagram ad.

Choose an objectiveClick the green “+Create” button on the Campaigns tab.

You can choose between Guided Creation or Quick Creation. Choose Guided Creation if you want to be guided step-by-step through creating an Instagram ads campaign.

Facebook Ads Manager will then display a list of three objectives:

Consider your goals before choosing an Instagram advertising objective. Are you looking for sales? Customer data? Brand awareness increased? Choose a dream that matches your plan.

Facebook will use your choice to determine the best ad objective, bid type, and ad location for you.

You’ll likely want to increase your sales if you run an online store. In this instance, “Conversions” would be the best objective for your Instagram campaign.

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