June 13, 2024

Do you realize that each day Google handles more than 40k search queries per second? That’s over 3.5 billion search queries every day, as well as 1.2 trillion search queries each year around the world. What is it if the following Google Adwords tutorial could help you get a tiny portion out of all the trillions of searches performed each day to your online store? Imagine the millions of potential buyers who are curious about your products from around the globe, ready to buy from you.

You might be thinking, “well how can I accomplish this? It’s going to be a nightmare to bring all of these customers to my shop and convince them to purchase with me.”

It’s easy to attract these people who are a million miles away from your shop. All you need is to adhere to the correct steps.

In the following Google Adwords tutorial, I will guide you through the steps you must follow to start your very first Google Adwords campaign so you will begin to get visitors and boost your sales.

Create a Google Adwords account

Before we can begin making a campaign, you’ll need that Adwords account. If you already have an account, you can bypass this process and move straight to step two in the Google Adwords tutorial.

If you don’t have it yet, the first thing to do is visit the Adwords Get Started page and click”Start Now “Start Now” button.

After that, you’ll be directed to a page where you must enter your email address and web address. It is also possible to let Google send you personalized advice and suggestions to help enhance your performance.

After that, you’ll be directed to the primary section of your account creation procedure. As you don’t have a keywords list, nor do you have your maximum CPC (something you’ll be able to master in the following steps), At first, you might be stretched too thin. Please don’t be concerned since much of what I’ll require you to do will be fixed in the future.

This page is divided into four sections. The first will help you determine your budget for the day. It is highly recommended that you establish a daily minimum allocation of at least $5. Consider that if the typical cost for each click happens to be $0.88, that’s the industry’s standard, and you’ll receive just five or fewer clicks each day (or 150 daily visits). It’s not enough to make any difference to your store.

Next, go to “Networks” to untick the “Display” option. It is best to concentrate on ads that are search-related.

Add a few keywords that are related to your business. As I mentioned, Don’t worry too much about this; we’ll change this over time. Add the first one you see (or you can leave the ones that Google recommends and swap them out in the future).

Set the default settings for the “Set Your Bid” tab “Set your bid” tab. Manual bidding is far too complex for your ability, and, let’s face it, you shouldn’t try it out just yet.

Then, you’ll need to create a fake advertising campaign to promote your campaign. You can add phony text (like I used as an example in this image). Keep moving. I will show you how to make an advertisement in the following article.

Once you’re done saving, select”Save and continue,” after which you can click the “Save and continue” button.

The last thing to do is you must complete your payment information.

Do keyword research

Keyword study is a crucial element of the success of any Google Adwords campaign. This is so crucial that Google has created a tool specially for this purpose: Google Keyword Planner.

The next thing to do is to click the “Keyword ideas” tab, then click the “Add all” button, and then, finally, hit”Download “Download” button. Select whether you wish to download the keywords list in CSV or utilize an AdWords Editor. I opted for the latter.

After opening Microsoft Excel, you will examine which keywords are the most search volume and which are the most popular for bids.

The number of searches helps you determine the amount of demand for a specific keyword. The suggested bid indicates the amount other companies will pay per click. If your CPC is high, that means it’s profitable; that’s an excellent indicator (even when you ca unable to spend the money right now).

You need to select ones that are a good mix of moderate to high demand and increased to medium CPC. Too high demand could indicate that it’s not a transactional keyword that makes your marketing less efficient (because only a few people are eager to purchase from you for a specific keyword). However, an excessive CPC could make your marketing not profitable.

There is an absence of a “right” demand or CPC, depending on your niche. Keep in mind that the benchmark for the industry is $0.88. So if your keywords are higher than this amount, it could indicate that you’re targeting highly competitive terms.

At a minimum, you should choose fifteen keywords but not over 50. Selecting only a few keywords may make your marketing too narrow, and having too many could make it too complicated.

Write your ads

Your ads are what bring people to your shop. It will be ineffective if you fail to make people click on your ads.

There are two terms to describe the success of Google Adwords ads. They are attractive as well as pertinent.

The first and most important thing is to get people to take a break from their activities and take a moment to read your advertisement. If you can grab your audience’s attention to ensure that the ad is relevant to their needs. If they are, they will be more likely to click your ad and, consequently, visit your site. This is all you have to concentrate on.

Four elements create a successful Google Adwords ad:

Headline 25 characters, which you must count to the maximum.

Display URL Use it about the keywords. If the keyword is “casual shoes,” your display URL should be “https://ivanshoes.com/casual-shoes/.”

Text There are only two lines of 35 characters in each line, which means that just like the headline, you have to squeeze the most you can from it. The most important option is to present your distinctive value offering. Some examples: free shipping, great prices, unique products, etc.

CTA Three or two words, such as “Buy now” or “Order today.”

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