June 13, 2024

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most frustrating things you can see as an online retailer. We’ve all been there; we’ve shopped online and added something to our cart, but we still need to complete the purchase. Our shopping carts were left with the items still in them. This is similar to walking into a grocery store and putting your things in your shopping cart before leaving it on an aisle. Shopping cart abandonment is a common occurrence. According to Barilliance, online retailers lose an average of 75 percent of sales due to shopping cart abandonment. 2015 Statista reported that 15 percent of lost sales were due to security concerns. In 2017, the Baymard Institute said 19% of sales were lost for the same reasons. This rise in online security shows how consumers have become more concerned about it.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics from Statista.

You can increase your sales by up to ten percent by simply gaining your customers’ trust. This may not sound like much, but it’s a significant increase.

How can you begin to gain the confidence of your customers? You can start with trust badges. Discover the top five trust badges that will help you increase your conversion rates. What is a trust badge?

What it sounds like is a trust badge. You can place a trust badge on your website to instill trust. You can find them at the checkout, but increasingly more retailers place them on their home or landing pages. These simple tools can increase sales and customer satisfaction on your website.

These trust badges often have (but are only sometimes) built-in security measures that protect credit card and personal data. SSL is part of a complex system to ensure internet safety. It encrypts certain information that’s sent across the web. These secure systems usually come with trust seals.

Check if the lock icon next to the URL is present if you visit a site. Or check if the web address begins with HTTPS rather than HTTP. The trust seal is essential because not everyone knows about this.

Trust Badges Types

You can use five different types of badges on your website. Each badge has its purpose and meaning. You can choose which trust badges you want to display on your website based on what effect you are trying to achieve.

You’ll also find examples and information on obtaining the five types of trust icons.

Trust Badges Examples from ConversionXL.

Secure Checkout Badge

This badge is the most important. You get these badges when registering with a business offering an SSL certificate. SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer. It can be unclear, but it protects your internet connection and the data you transfer.

This badge shows that your checkout process is secure and encrypted. It also indicates that your customer’s credit card or identity information will not be stolen. This type of trust will significantly increase your conversion rates.

Customers will feel more secure and safe using the most recognized and trusted safe checkout badges. Symantec is the company that has the most trusted and recognized SSL badge. Symantec is the owner of Norton, LifeLock, and VeriSign. All of these names have become well-known and trusted providers of security certificates. Symantec has a wide range of packages and options to meet your needs.

PayPal is another example of a trusted and well-known security system. PayPal offers the same protection as Symantec, and you will receive the badge of trusted security for your website.

Shopify is another example of an SSL provider that has become increasingly well-known. Shopify will automatically provide SSL certificates if you create an ecommerce site. Shopify customers know that they can shop with confidence at an ecommerce store.

These three examples are paid-for trust badges, but there are also free SSL certificates, like Cloudflare and Flywheel. Remember, though, that -recognition is one of the main reasons the safe checkout badges increase conversion rates. Brand recognition is a critical factor in building trust.

These badges should be displayed near your checkout page’s “Add to Cart” button. To have the desired impact, they must be easily visible. You can show them at the bottom of your home or landing page.

Third-Party Endorsements

Third-party endorsements help to build trust with your customers by showing that you are credible. Most of these programs require an application and review of your website before you are granted the badge.

Trust seals provide additional security. Security is added via trust seals. ConversionXL.

The Better Business Bureau Accredited Business badge will add a lot of credibility to your website. According to Better Business Bureau, every year, 173 million people search BBB.org for business profiles to verify their ratings. Your customers can verify your accreditation by clicking on this badge after you have been granted it. Visit the Better Business Bureau’s website to learn more about certification.

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business badges and ratings

Google Trusted Store is another badge that’s well-known and respected. Google has changed the Trusted Store badge into the Customer Reviews badge. According to the ConversionXL survey, Generation Y (under 30) is likelier to trust the Google seal than the BBB.

You must apply for the Google Trust Seal and then meet all the requirements Google has set forth. After Google has approved your shop, customers will receive surveys following purchases. Google will grant you a badge if they decide your reviews are satisfactory.

Google Trusted Stores and Customer Reviews badge.

Why would you go through all the hassle for these trust badges? These trust seals may take some extra time and effort, but they’re worth it and can increase conversions in your online store. You can easily display high ratings, which is essential to increase trust in your online store.

Imagine this: You are more likely than not to buy an item on Amazon.com if the item has high ratings. This is in contrast to a similar product with no ratings. Your ecommerce site is no different. If you can convince consumers that other customers have enjoyed a great experience, they will likely buy from your store.

These badges are displayed at the bottom of a web page and appear more prominently than payment badges.

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