June 13, 2024

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Dominating the Online World

Your business will grow in 2021 if you nail your digital marketing strategy. There are almost 4,57 billion internet users worldwide, 300 million of whom reside in the United States.

There is an apparent demand for digital communication. Digital marketing is essential because consumers are moving away from brick-and-mortar stores and instead using smartphones or laptops.

We’ve also seen that in-store sales and many types of advertising have moved online. What are some of our best online marketing tips?

Optimize your website for mobile

Mobile is growing. In 2019, smartphones represented 53% of global website traffic. It is essential that your business, or your website in particular, be ready for this surge.

According to Google’s research, 49% of people said they would only purchase from a company again if their mobile experience were good. What does this tell us? If your site is challenging to use on a mobile device, you may lose most of your regular customers.

To satisfy your mobile audience and increase conversion rates, you must make your website mobile friendly. This means your visitors spend less time squinting, sighing, or clicking and more time buying.

Working with your web designer to create mobile-responsive web pages would be best. Are you using a website creator? The best site builders all use responsive mobile themes.

Mobile-responsive websites look great and are easy to navigate on any sized screen.

Differentiating your business online is possible when you know what’s out there. It’s essential to be different because you will stand out online, and ultimately your website will receive more clicks than your competitors.

You sell baseball cards. If you Google your services will reveal your competitors and their marketing strategies.

You can see what baseball card-related phrases, images, blog posts your competitors use and other factors such as their services, reputation, and online reviews.

This research will help you create your unique selling points. You could advertise on social media to increase trust signals or add your business.

Lengthen Your Blogs

Blogs are a must-have for any list of digital marketing advice. When it comes to business blogs, short doesn’t mean better.

Blog posts that are longer and more detailed have 9x more tremendous success in gaining new clients than shorter blogs. Make sure to make your blog concise!

To avoid falling into the short and unappetizing category, aim for 1,200 words.

Your blog can cover anything related to your business. Learn to start a blog to add value to your visitors’ experience and help your website be found more accessible via search engines.

Lengthening your blogs can positively impact your website’s ranking on search engines.

Create Email Campaigns

Email Marketing Returns $36 on average for every $1 invested. That’s an ROI of 3600%. Do you still need to figure out email marketing? We didn’t believe it.

You know that the proper emailing techniques can help you increase sales and bring back customers, but what are they?

Set up an automated response to thank your customers for purchasing or subscribing to your site. Welcome emails have an open rate of, on average, 82%.

Being pushy can bring more profit when sending abandoned-cart recovery emails. Comparing the results of sending one abandoned cart recovery email to a customer,69% more orders are generated. These email features are both available on all the best ecommerce platforms.

Take it Personal

Personalizing your marketing is crucial for digital marketing success, particularly in email marketing.

Personalization is always a winner, whether suggesting similar products, mentioning the customer by name, or sending local offers that match their location. Personalized emails generate six times higher conversion rates than generic emails, yet only 30 brands use them.

Whenever possible, use conversational tones when communicating with customers. Conversational Commerce has become popular because users are more likely to respond to a message that sounds like a natural person than if it was a faceless corporate message. Consider adding a chat feature or a quiz to your website. This will make the experience of your users more personal.

Remember tip number two? While creating an enjoyable and unique customer experience, personalizing your content will help to differentiate your business (remember tip number 2? You’ll be noticed – according to a recent survey, 40% of customers will switch brands if they don’t receive the personalization they expect.

What’s the best part? Personalization can be implemented with little or no investment if you already use email marketing tools such as MailChimp.

Using the customer’s name and tailoring the content to their location should increase the email’s open-rate

Use Remarketing

Have you ever browsed the Internet and seen a product advertised on Facebook afterward? It’s not a strange coincidence; it’s called remarketing. This digital marketing tactic uses tags called ‘cookies,’ which allow you to track past website visitors across the Internet.

Retargeting works. Retargeting works.

Your Google Ads (formerly AdWords account) can be set up to display or retarget your products across a variety of websites in order to attract the user.

Facebook’s Custom Audience feature can be used to retarget your products on the Facebook pages of your previous website visitors. This is a great way to earn money on social media if you have a Facebook Business Account.

Tailor Content to Each Stage in the Buyer Journey

Before making a purchase, prospective buyers go through three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. Content will be tailored to different phases.

Imagine that an Internet user searches for an ecommerce site builder. You should direct customers to these types of content at each stage.

Awareness Home page of an E-commerce store – to give a brief overview of your business

Consideration: Product category page to demonstrate your expertise

Decision: Product page to help users finalize their decisions

You should guide your users through your site. It’s essential to guide users to the content that best suits their needs and matches their stage in the buyer journey.

Sending product comparison articles to users at the ‘awareness’ phase might confuse or overwhelm them.

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