June 13, 2024

Digital marketing is on the rise thanks to modern technology. Taking full advantage of digital marketing is essential to grow your business and stay competitive.

We’ve compiled the 23 best Digital Marketing Tips of 2023 to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Update Your Website ASAP

Start the new year without an outdated website. It would be the equivalent of wearing an unwashed old uniform to your first big client meeting.

Users spend only about 45 seconds on your website (). Your site should be updated and user-friendly. You want to retain visitors because it isn’t.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly

In the future, the usage of mobile devices is only going to increase. It’s essential to have a mobile-optimized website.

This will improve the customer’s experience. When you are having fun, time flies. This is what you want your users to experience.

Google’s Core-Web-Vitals will help you measure speed, visual stability, and responsiveness. These measurements will improve your Google search ranking.

You want to ensure your customers can access you on both mobile and desktop. In 2023, the majority of users will be on mobile devices. Let’s ensure they have a great experience.

Focus on user experience (UX)

Google says that users prefer websites with great page experiences. This makes sense because no one wants to struggle online for hours.

By prioritizing the user experience (UX), you can encourage visitors to spend more time on your website and not visit competitors.

Google has released a set of metrics called “Core Web Vitals” to help businesses measure their user experience on their website. These metrics measure website speed and responsiveness as well as visual stability.

Create content to answer your users’ questions

The most engaging and best content is always the one that answers users’ queries. Users will leave if they don’t find the answers they need.

This content should either add value or inform the user’s experience and help them solve their problem.

Use Paid Ads if you haven’t done so already

In the past, businesses used media such as radio, television, print, or others to increase their exposure. The pandemic, however, has reduced the effectiveness of many of these platforms. Digital was the least affected and has improved.

Digital marketing is becoming more popular as businesses look to reduce costs and maximize returns.

This will increase the traffic to your website, which means more people can find you and, therefore, more sales and profits.

Try out new marketing tools

Businesses can achieve efficiency and optimization through new programs and methods.

If you still need to, consider using these digital platforms and tools in 2023.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management Systems): Manage your contacts, sales, and customer engagement processes.

You can use analytics and reporting software to know what results you are getting and spend your budget and time on the best things.

Software for SEO optimization – If you have a WordPress site, you can utilize Yoast or Rankmath. Many others are available. Rocket Expansion uses a tool named Frase to create SEO-optimized, great content.

Automate your tasks

By automating your tasks, you can save time and focus on more critical projects. Automating the right areas will significantly enhance the benefits of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Here’s a list of areas to automate:

Automated Marketing Emails: Schedule your marketing email in advance and send it to your chosen contacts. You can create email series sent to different audiences for personalized follow-up.

Automated Notifications are handy for following up on emails.

Automate social media posts – Schedule all social network posts in advance on multiple platforms.

Automated Lead Flow: If a user wants to download a particular resource, you can immediately email them to let them download it. You can send them automated emails that provide additional information on the topic to move them down the funnel.

Automate Analytics Reporting: Use Google Analytics and CRM to track consumer behavior. These metrics are essential to monitor the progress of your marketing efforts.

Help people by creating content that they are looking for

SEO Tools and Google Analytics will show you which keywords and topics your customers are searching for.

It is the goal to create quality and valuable content. You can also use these topics to improve your highly-searched blogs and repurpose their content.

Focusing on human connections instead of selling products is critical. You can gain credibility and trust by providing valuable and helpful content.

Use video to share on social media

Social Media Marketing will skyrocket in 2023. Social media marketing based on video is the main driver. Both image-based and video-based content are increasingly popular with consumers.

We’ve seen considerable changes in nearly every social media platform in the past year.

Videos will likely dominate social media content in 2023, thanks to apps such as TikTok or Instagram Reels.

According to any digital marketing agency or marketer, video marketing is more effective than static posts at generating leads.

Try adding interactive elements to the videos you create.

Interactive Videos are new content that allows users to interact with videos, creating an experience unlike any other.

Consumers prefer interactive video content over other video types because it lets them choose what information to view and when.

The information below is essential to the success of your Social Media Strategy.

Use tools to allow digital sales

With COVID changing consumer behavior, they expect everything to be done online.

Try incorporating some digital tools and strategies in 2023 that will make it easier for your contacts, on their terms, to engage with your team.

Below are some tools that you should keep in mind:

Chatbots: Chatbots enable visitors to chat live with company representatives via the website. Businesses can offer support, qualify leads, and convert them all with a live online bot, such as Drift Video Prospecting. Use video prospecting to stand out and humanize your sales process. Make your message personal and include an action call to get them to schedule a meeting.

Pre-recorded Demos – You can save time by pre-recording product demos. This will provide an excellent user experience, as viewers can pause and rewatch demos conveniently.

Calendly is a perfect tool for scheduling appointments. It allows you to schedule meetings on the fly with prospects. This is an example from our site.

Online transactions and electronic signatures – Use eSignature tools such as DocuSign for a fast and convenient purchase turnaround.

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